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Free! The top NINJA game and most popular tower defense!

TOP NINJA AND TD GAME! 429 years ago, Oda Nnobunaga who would be unite Japan soon at that time, but he died in Honoji Temple because of Akechi Mitsuhide’s mutiny and sneak attack. Although the real history can not be changed now, you can help Nnobunaga to reverse the downward situation by laying generals and soldiers in the game. As levels going, you mustn’t take chances. Mitsuhide’s attack will be harder and harder. Correct layout will be much helpful. Jump into the story…

•So many Generals, equipments, weapons and war-horses are waiting for your selection.
•HD graphic make the battle more exciting.
•Different ninja skills and different kinds of warriors. Generals and soldiers can be leveled up more powerful.
•Humorous dialogues will be shown before every battle.
•More than 30 levels and different modes are waiting for your challenge.
•Speeds up and mini map are your good assistant.

Key Words:Ninja, TD, Japanese, level, battle, war, samurai, Sengoku

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