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Actual weather as LIVE WALLPAPER in amazing waterfalls HD themes!

True Weather is a Live Wallpaper for your Android phone or tablet!

True Weather animate actual weather, year seasons and day/night situation for your location or city in full HD.

Main features of full version are:

- Real weather situation.
- Four year seasons animations (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Year season is automatically selected depend on your location and date.
- 5 waterfalls themes.
- Real sunrise/sunset times.
- Real moon phases.
- 3 or 10 days forecast animations (double tap wallpaper to start forecast).
- 2 weather providers
- Feels like temperature.
- Wind speed and direction
- Humidity
- Quick access to 2nd city(triple tap wallpaper), you can see weather, year and day situation in your favorite city including forecasts
- Lots of settings
- Rain, Snow depends on wind speed, etc...
- Optimize for CPU and Battery usage
- Portrait & Landscape mode
- Phone and Tablet compatible
- 19 weather data languages (English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Slovak, Hindi, Japanese, Romanian)

Tip: How to set TrueWeather, Waterfalls wallpaper?
1. Press HOME button
2. Press MENU button
3. Tap on Wallpaper -> Live wallpapers
4. TrueWeather, Waterfalls -> wait a few seconds!
5. Set wallpaper

Tip: How to change wallpaper theme (background)?:
1. Go to TrueWeather wallpaper settings (HOME->MENU->Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->TrueWeather, Waterfalls->Settings...)
2. Scroll to Year seasons theme
3. Select year season theme (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter or Bonus)
4. Scroll to and press "Save" button
5. Press Home button and wait a few seconds

Tip: To reduce battery consumption set FPS to 20 or 30 in TrueWeather, Waterfalls advanced wallpaper settings)

If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us (

P.S. If you like our app, please rate it with 5 stars.

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